Guan Shen Diting was born in March 2018 and has been with us in Switzerland since January 2019. She is the daughter of Guan Shen Awang and Guan Shen Little Dragon Girl. Her breeder is Zhenwei Ye.

Diting with her parents

She was named after a dog figure from Chinese mythology.

She is typically reserved for other people, but likes all animals. She loves to walk in the open field or in the forest and is very active. At home, she loves to play with her toys and watches the neighborhood.

She is a little diva who likes to be the center of attention, with a tendency to jealousy when she notices that the world is not just about her. She is a very defensive bitch that avoids any stress situation.

Attentive and above all curious, she watches everything that happens around her and loves to learn new things.

Health tests: 

CNV 2, POAG/Pll N/N, SPAID N/N (through  parentage), HD B/C, ED 0/0, Patella free